IPL 2017 Manan Vohra maximum sixes against SRH

5.5 overs Rashid Khan to Vohra, SIX, oh my goodness, the sound that made! Wow. Rashid flights the leg-break up around off, Vohra quickly goes down on the back knee and belts a slog-sweep into the second tier over mid-wicket

14.3 overs Barinder to Vohra, SIX, two sixes in three balls. The required rate is back under 12. Handsome strike from Vohra, crunching the full ball over long-on to bring up his half-century

15.4 overs Rashid Khan to Vohra, SIX, short again, this time it's all the way. It might have been a googly, but it's way too short. Vohra nails the pull over long leg

15.5 overs Rashid Khan to Vohra, SIX, what a stunning hit over long-on. Vohra is playing an absolute blinder here to spring the game back to life. A flighted leg-break on off, Vohra doesn't bother using his feet. Just a stride forward to smash it through the line

17.1 overs S Kaul to Vohra, SIX, he's not mis-hit one delivery, not that I can remember. What we're watching is something very special. A length ball wide of off, this is actually a pretty decent delivery. But Vohra's arc has widened so humongously tonight that he's able to fetch it over long-on. Just over the fielder

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