Kedar is run out for seven - both equally at fault

7.4 over for Lockie Ferguson to Kedar Jadhav, out Kedar Jadhav Run Out!! Kohli looks livid, but he has a part in this dismissal. Coming to the ball, it was short and wide from Ferguson, Kedar chopped it to the left of backward point. The fielder dived to his left and made a half-stop.
That made Kohli set-off for a quick single before being sent back. The throw is at the bowler and he doesn't make a clean stop. The ball rolls away a few yards away from him, this makes Kedar think there's a run and he hares off - without even having a glance at his partner. Kohli was back to the action, by the time he turned around - he saw his partner near him. Ferguson throws the ball to his keeper who does the rest. Kedar Jadhav run out (Lockie Ferguson/Dhoni) 7(12) [4s-1]

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