Promoing de Grandhomme up the order not works for KKR

0.5 overs Zaheer to de Grandhomme, out Caught by Billings!! Zak attack strikes. Trap set and trap sprung. So, de Grandhomme's promotion fails. Lasted for just two balls. It was a fuller length delivery on off-stump line, de Grandhomme went for a half-hearted flick. It appeared that the ball might have stopped on the wicket.

Nonetheless, he was early into the shot and it was the slower ball from Zaheer that fooled the batsman there. Skies it towards deep square leg. Billings sprawls in forward and pouches it with ease. Zaheer roars in delight. de Grandhomme c Billings b Zaheer 1(2)

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