Two in two for Adam Milne! Will we see another hat-trick?

17.1 over for Milne to Stokes, out Bowled!! The stumps just keep flying. The heart of Pune being ripped apart here. And so is this innings. A length delivery assumed to be in the slot for the slog here from Stokes. He lines up neatly and does everything right in swinging his ba putting all forearms to good use. Just that there is hardly any bounce here to sit up for the timing to come out right. Scoots under the flat bat and sends the off-pole on a cartwheel. Stokes b Milne 2(3)

17.2 over for Milne to SN Thakur, out Caught by de Villiers!! Oh dear. This is a collapse of enormous magnitudes. Faster than some of the vehicles that line up in the evenings on the Bangalore roads. Goes for the slower one on a length outside off. Thakur looks to check his drive but the sticker on the pitch makes him check his shot. He does so and chips it to a flying AB at cover. SN Thakur c de Villiers b Milne 0(1)

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