A tough chance spilled at slip by Dan Christian but he recovers to make the run-out

14.1 over for SN Thakur to Karn Sharma, out Karn Sharma Run Out!! Dropped, but Karn Sharma is run-out. An absolute pandemonium out there. Who would have thought that a team that played so well and topped the league stage would find themselves at 79 for 7 in the 15th over of the final. And that too after opting to bat first.
Rohit Sharma can't watch from the sidelines. Coming to the delivery, this one swung away from the left-hander, Karn got a thick outside edge which went low to Christian's left at first slip. He couldn't hold on, meanwhile Karn thought of stealing a run, his partner wasn't sure and in the end he was stranded in the middle of the pitch. Great presence of mind from the bowler to run towards the striker's end and effect the run-out. Karn Sharma run out (Christian/SN Thakur) 1(5)

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