IPL 2017 Rishabh Pant Maximum Sixes against GL

3.1 overs Basil Thampi to Pant, SIX, quality from Pant. Thampi bowls it short and compliments it with width, Pant reaches out and spanks it over cover

4.1 overs Sangwan to Pant, SIX, Pant joins into the act. High percentage shot this. Hauls his back leg in the air and elegantly swipes it into the deep square leg stands

4.2 overs Sangwan to Pant, SIX, "Three sixes in a row for Delhi" screams Scott Styris on air. Finesse followed by violence. Loads up big time, gets under this full ball and smashes it over long-on. Soars a long way into the stands

7.5 overs Ankit Soni to Pant, SIX, what a shot. The googly from Soni, but pitches it up fuller outside off. Pant isn't sparing those. Flexes his arms and murders it straight over the bowler's head for a maximum

8.6 overs Raina to Pant, SIX, fifty for Pant. Reaches the landmark in style. A rank long hop from Raina, Pant is onto it in a flash. Skips back and smokes it away into the deep mid-wicket stands. 14 runs off the over

10.2 overs Faulkner to Pant, SIX, he was undone by the lack of pace there. Early into the shot but made sure that he swung hard at this. Bruted it. And as much as it lacked the timing, it made up with its power, this shot. Clouted over deep mid-wicket, despite coming off the bottom half of the bat

10.5 overs Faulkner to Pant, SIX, what do you do to a slow bouncer? You bully it. Despite being in a tangle with your footwork. Had the weight back and could pull the bejeezus out of it. Brilliant shot

10.6 overs Faulkner to Pant, SIX, *jumps into a well* This is turning out to be a ridiculously good innings. Unicorns are real, and so are DD chases. Gets a pitched up delivery and slogs it over long-on. No half measures. None at all. Pick the length and swing. Has been so successful so far

13.3 overs Jadeja to Pant, SIX, brilliant. A slog sweep that's been nailed into the stands, again. Nothing more I can add. He's just seeing the length so early tonight and readying himself for the hits

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