Jaydev Unadkat takes a blinder to get his second wicket in the over

2.4 over for Unadkat to Simmons, out Caught&Bowled!! 'Phenomenal catch', says Matthew Hayden on air. That's a catch that might well tilt this final towards RPS. Unadkat is having a ball at the moment, this was another slower ball, he rolled his fingers across the seam. Simmons was looking to nudge it towards the on-side,
was through with the shot even before it arrived, gets a thick leading edge that popped back towards the bowler. Unadkat was on his followthrough, pushes his left hand across - it was dropping down on him, he bends down really low and completes a fine one-handed catch. The momentum was always going across him, but he held on - even as his elbow hit the ground. Mobbed by his mates, rightly so. Simmons c and b Unadkat 3(8)

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