Karn four-for dismantles Knight Riders

14.5 over for Karn Sharma to Jaggi, out Caught by Johnson!! The end of the rebuilding. Courtesy a stunner in the deep. And some greedy batting to go with it. Karn after a few carters doesn't really mind floating it up and he does it again. Entices Jaggi into some feet dancing.
Is obliged with the same. Just that in the process he gets too close to the pitch of the delivery and the tonk-slog attempted grabs only the toe-end of the blade to fly towards long-on. A jump, an arm raise and a reverse cup - as clean as a whistle executed by the man who claims to be 35. The best Karn Sharma figures in the IPL. A time-out with that. Jaggi c Johnson b Karn Sharma 28(31) [4s-3]

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