Kings XI lose Marsh, RCB dominate

6.6 overs Negi to Shaun Marsh, out Caught by Mandeep!! Negi has got a big wicket and KXIP's team owner Preity Zinta is not happy in the stands. On a slowish pitch, a set batsman has to carry on, but in trying to up the ante and with the thought of taking on the left-arm spinner,
Marsh has holed out. It's 39 for 3 and the visitors are in deep trouble. Clever bowling from Negi. He knew that anything full and on the stumps would make it easy for Marsh to target mid-wicket, he bowled this full and wide outside off stump, forced Marsh to fetch and it's a mistimed hit to long-off. Shaun Marsh c Mandeep b Negi 20(17) [4s-3]

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