MI stutter as Rohit Sharma exits

10.1 over for Zampa to RG Sharma, OUT, superbly-judged catch from Shardul Thakur at deep midwicket. The soft signal is out. They go to the TV umpire. Zampa's foot is okay, as is Thakur's at the edge of the boundary. Mumbai's mini-recovery has been halted.
The TV umpire sends Rohit on his way. This was dropped short on middle, Rohit skips back for a pull. Hits it in the air, Thakur pouches it at deep midwicket, but the momentum carries him back. He is pushed back, but holds his balance, and bolts at the last moment. RG Sharma c Thakur b Zampa 24 (22b 4x4 0x6) SR: 109.09

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