Mitchell Johnson defends 11 off the last over to deny Steve Smith & Co

19.6 over for Johnson to Christian, 2 runs, OUT, Mumbai have won the IPL! Krunal fumbles at deep square leg but recovers quickly to get a throw in and run them out before they can take a third. Mitch bowled down the leg side again, bowled it short of yorker length again. Christuan swatted across the line but it wasn't off the middle.
It went between deep square and deep midwicket. Krunal ran to his left, fumbled the pick up, pushed it a few yards in front and forced himself to recover. Gave Pune a slight sniff at taking this to the Super Over, but the batsmen couldn't come back quickly enough. The throw was already in as Christian finished the second run. They stood no chance as they took off for the third. The throw was perfect, on the bounce, on top of the stumps. DT Christian run out 4 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 200.00

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