Parthiv Patel and Lendl Simmons fell in the space of 3 balls

2.4 over for Unadkat to Simmons, OUT, what a catch! Two wickets in two overs and he's racing towards the top of the charts! Dives to his left, even as the ball is dying. Sticks out his strong hand, his left hand, and it sticks! He also makes sure his elbow doesn't hit the ground.
That could have made the ball pop out. What a night he's already having. And it all comes from the offcutter again. The ball he backs to the hilt. The ball he said he would bowl despite his captain's instructions sometimes. Sticks in the pitch and Simmons, set up to play the flick because the ball was on the pads, pops out a leading edge. LMP Simmons c & b Unadkat 3 (8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 37.50

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