Pune tighten grip as Rohit falls

10.1 over for Zampa to Rohit, out Caught by SN Thakur!! What a moment in the game. Look at the celebrations in the RPS camp. They reckon they've pocketed the game. Rohit is livid with himself. Swings his bat hard in disappointment. He knows that he's hit a long hop to the fielder.
Short and on the stumps, Rohit went back, lost balance while playing the pull shot, didn't middle it, Thakur jumped at deep mid-wicket and took the catch. The momentum was taking him back, took a couple of steps back, just managed to stay away from the rope and the third impire was convinced he didn't touch the boundary. Rohit c SN Thakur b Zampa 24(22) [4s-4]

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