Rishabh Pant falls one hit away from a hundred

14.3 overs Basil Thampi to Pant, out Caught by Karthik!! There's an appeal but the umpire has been stunned by this kid. Even the umpire. Thampi appeals, and after eliciting an obvious edge, and appeals again and then gets his man. Rishabh Pant doesn't fall short of a century here; he makes 97.
Brutes them. Enthralling innings. Thampi angled this full and across, Pant drives and ekes out an outside edge, that's been nicely taken by Karthik behind. Erred in not using his feet there, and Thampi is quick. But he was in that sort of a mood. He was hitting everything outta here, so can't blame him. Not after 97 runs, can we? Pant c Karthik b Basil Thampi 97(43) [4s-6 6s-9]

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