Stunning stand broken End of a good Samson innings

13.2 overs Jadeja to Samson, out Caught by Faulkner!! End of a good, good innings. They are checking for the no-ball but Jadeja ushers us to "ooooohhh" and then the back foot somehow manages to be halfway behind the line. Anyway, coming to the wicket, the ball sat up to be hit there. Samson just decided to go across the line,
the ball may have spun, and the Samson ended up slicing the slog to towards wide long-off, where Faulkner's present. "Oh he'll drop it". "Gujarat are having a bad day, so this should go down". But it doesn't. Faulkner slides in front and takes a good catch. Samson c Faulkner b Jadeja 61(31) [6s-7]

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