Ravichandran Ashwin compares Chennai Super Kings to Manchester United

CSK will be a part of the 2018 IPL which is the actual 'return' that Ashwin wished to compare.

This brings me to my next reason for scathing this absurd comparison. The mere idea to compare the aftermath of the exit of both these teams from their respective tournaments is self-sufficient in inviting mockery. United’s departure from the European Cup left their fans engulfed in agony because their heroes had bid an untimely farewell.There was nothing they could do except grieving over the unfortunate demise of the budding legends. 

CSK's exit left their fans in a state of despair too. However, the reason behind the grief, in this case, was the betrayal by their heroes. The fans witnessed their passion and trust ridiculed by their champions.
Lastly, the fans poured their heart in support of Manchester United when they saw them attempting to recover from a catastrophe beyond their control. The then manager of the club, Matt Busby, survived the crash and took upon himself to rebuild the team. It took him ten years as he strived to attain the glory which the club was destined for.

In 1968, United became the first English club to win the European Cup. The unpredictable game of luck had dismantled the backbone of a team which had the potential to go down as one of the strongest sides in the history of English and may be world football. Yet, they fought adversities, struggled past the challenges and rose up again as the champions they truly are. This is the reason why their fans welcomed them with open arms.
CSK's return, however, is nowhere close to the brilliance with which United revived. It was arguably one of the strongest sides in the IPL, yet it was found in the thick of allegations that questioned every performance they had delivered so far. Can the fans accept CSK now without questioning the integrity of the team? Is it possible that the fans will forget why it was not a part of the IPL for two years? And most importantly, will they ever be able to forgive? 

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